Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

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Who We Are

Phoenix Strategies is a Washington, DC area-based government affairs firm supporting clients navigate the Federal government, Congress, and Maryland State Legislature. Our firm supports clients that are committed to disrupting the status quo, creating value for their constituents, providing innovative solutions, and transforming governments and markets.

Client-Centric Approach to Lobbying.

We take an outcomes focused client approach.


Understand the issue, the background of enactment of existing policy and the intent of changes.


Identify the key decision makers/influencers and have the requisite relationships and access.


Develop a strategy that considers the interests, motivations, and drivers for all parties.


Manoeuvre the client through the complexities and nuances of government.


Build a strategy around the client’s goals, objectives, and priorities.

Some of our Clients and Partners

Disrupt. Create. Innovate. Transform.

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